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Forklift loading mirros for increased visibility

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Product: GenieGrips® LOADING MIRRORS


For written quotes, we will get back to you via email/telephone within 2 hours

Introducing GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors for forklifts!   These forklift loading mirrors are designed to reduce accidents, injuries, and damage to goods by eliminating critical blind spots in the driver's vision.

Unlike unreliable camera systems, GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors are easily fitted to the mast, making them more reliable, easier to use, and more robust. Plus, they provide a bigger and intuitive field of view, just like a car mirror system, but looking forward.

With GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors, truck loading becomes much easier. No more guesswork! These mirrors enable drivers to load trucks safely and efficiently in one smooth movement. They allow drivers to align the load with the bed of the truck, ensuring precision and accuracy.

Safety and efficiency are at the core of GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors. Designed specifically for forklifts, these forward view forklift mirror systems improve safety by allowing drivers to sight the tines and see around the load. This significantly reduces damage to goods and infrastructure, saving both time and money.

Why choose GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors?

It's a clever and cost-effective solution that improves productivity and safety. Whether you're in a small warehouse or a large factory, GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors are good business for all materials handling environments. It's intuitive to use, just like rear vision wing mirrors on everyday cars, and provides a real-time, real-light field of view that is always "on". Say goodbye to blind spots and hello to enhanced safety with GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors.


GenieGrips® Loading Mirror | Slim View GenieGrips® Loading Mirror | Wide View

For use in confined spaces

Fits within forklift footprint

Sight tines, with compressed forward view

Suitable for forklifts of 1 to 2 tons

For use in open areas with high traffic

May extend beyond forklift footprint

Sight tines, with panoramic forward view

Suitable for forklifts of 2.5 to 12 tons




  • GenieGrips® forklift mirrors are entirely adjustable, allowing for clear, unrestricted visibility, even when stacking, thereby largely eliminating stock damage due to misalignment.


  • Increased visibility helps to reduce the amount of manoeuvring required by the operator and the forklift.


  • GenieGrips® forklift mirrors eliminate neck and back injury consistent with driving backward and twisting the body and neck to see clearly.