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Did you know you can convert your forklift into a powerful sweeping machine in just a matter of minutes? Our range of hydraulic rotary forklift sweepers below will allow you to do just that.

With simple hydraulic connection, your forklift can power the rotary sweeping brush and open and close the waste collection hopper, all from a single lever within the cab.

Our entry-level Bema 20 forklift sweeper and mid-range Bema 25 model are both suitable to meet the rigours of outdoor sweeping. Along with the most versatile indoor and outdoor hydraulic rotary forklift sweeper in the range, the Bema 40, we have all options covered dependant upon your sweeping needs.

With precision German manufacturing and a long service life specification, please peruse the hydraulic rotary forklift sweepers below to find out more about the different models we offer.


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