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Deluxe hydraulic forklift sweeper for indoor & outdoor use

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Product: Forklift Hydraulic Sweeper - BEMA 40

SKU: Sweepers-BEMA 40

For written quotes, we will get back to you via email/telephone within 2 hours

The ultimate in hydraulic sweeping machines, the BEMA 40 has been designed primarily for industrial use and is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor sweeping.

With a large volumetric hydraulic collection hopper c/w vulkolan strip, all-around protective dust skirt, and rubber bumpers, this hydraulic forklift sweeper can offer virtually dust free sweeping.

Comprising of a 660mm diameter main brush (Steel/PPN), even the most difficult and resistant dirt or the finest dust can be swept up with ease, all driven by a high-performance, industrial quality, service-free hydraulic motor.

Included in the specification are also Super-Elastic wheels, 200mm x 80mm diameter and a Support Wheel, 250mm x 80mm diameter, all with vulcanized elastic rubber, dust-proof and greaseable roller bearings.

Like all our forklift attachments, the BEMA 40 hydraulic sweeper will come supplied fully tested and certified for compliance with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.


Machine Type Bema 40-1250 Bema 40-1550 Bema 40-2050
Hydraulic drive 1 Gerotormotor (Industrial quality)
Max. operating pressure 180 bar
Min. fluid throughput 15 litres per minute 20 litres per minute 20 litres per minute
Working width 1250mm 1550mm 2050mm
Collector capacity Approx 275 litres Approx 345 litres Approx 450 litres
Machine weight without extras Approx 460 kg Approx 500 kg Approx 570 kg
Main brush Ø 660mm PPM (polypropylene) industrial segment set
Brush revolutions recommended 100 rpm - max. 150 rpm


Optional Extra Equipment (please ask for more detail if required)

Water Spray System - 200 litre water tank with internal filter and electric pump. All water-related parts are made from corrosion-free material 

Hydraulic Side Brushes - 800mm diameter, left or right, including stop valve, automatic side and height adaption

Water Spray System - For rotary side brush including stop value

Flow Control Valve - For carrying vehicles with a hydraulic output of more than 80 ltr/minute

Lighting System - necessary on public roads

Stable and rigid construction with enclosed machine casing for virtually dust free sweeping

660mm diameter heavy duty steel/PPN mix main rotary brush

Powerful hydraulic drive Gerotormotor requiring single or double hydraulic system with return flow

Infinitely variable main brush settings according to degree of dirt

Large enclosed hydraulic waste collection hopper with Vulkolan strip to reduce dust

Super-Elastic 200mm x 80mm diameter support wheels with vulcanised elastic rubber, ball bearings and dust caps

All round protective dust skirt and rubber bumpers

Standard series paint finish in Orange RAL 2011

'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to meet Health & Safety Regulations

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