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Economy Forklift Sweepers

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Model Ref

Broom Width
No of Rows Bristle Height
Max Fork Size
ES-ECO 1800mm 5 310 180 x 80

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Price: £780.00 Exc. VAT
Lead Time: 10 Working Days

Our entry level Economy Easi-Sweep forklift broom sweeper offers simple yet cost effective sweeping for light duty applications. With a robust 3mm steel body and 5 rows of 1800mm wide durable polypropylene bristles, this forklift sweeper is strong enough to cope with a surprising workload whilst still maintaining a clean pass.

Integral fitted lugs are encompassed within the design of the sweeper to allow retro fitment of magnetic bar or swivel hitch, should this upgrade be required at a later date 

By utilising your forklift truck, reduced sweeping costs and increased productivity can be acheived with our economy Easi-Sweep forklift broom sweeper.

The forklift sweeper is safely secured to the forklift forks via 'T' screw clamps, and like all our forklift attachments, will come supplied fully tested and certified for compliance with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.

3mm thick steel shroud for durability

5 rows of 3mm diameter polypropylene replaceable bristles for effective sweeping

Simple and effective sweeping designed to reduce labour costs and increase productivity

Quick and easy fitment on and off forklift forks via safety screw clamps

No moving parts, offering low maintenance and service costs

Integral fitted lugs to allow for retro fitment of magnet or swivel hitch at a later date

Safe and efficient to help reduce accident risks of personnel in the yard or warehouse

'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to meet Health & Safety Regulations

"The forklift sweeper has enabled our yard to be swept and kept clean in quarter of the time it used to take with conventional brooms. Out of the sweepers we saw on line, your sweeper looked the sturdiest"

- Mathew Askwith, Purchasing Coordinator, Lyreco UK Ltd 

Can the bristles be replaced ?

Yes the bristles on the sweeper are interchangeable and replacement bristle kits can be purchased as and when required


How long will the bristles last ?

This is a little difficult to answer as the durability of the bristles is governed by several factors, such as, how often is the sweeper used, what type of surface the sweeper is used on etc. The polypropylene bristles however are manufactured from a durable construction, and with 5 rows (which can be interchanged), there will be plenty of service life in the sweeper before the time will come to replace the bristles


How easy is the sweeper attached to the forklift ?

The sweeper is designed to fasten to the forklift forks very easily and quickly. Simply drive the forks into the sweepers pockets, tighten up the fork clamps, and away you go


How do I know the sweeper will work with what I want to sweep up ?

It's a very versatile sweeper, and will work with a whole host of debris, such as sand, gravel, mud, soil, leaves and snow. It also works well with standing water


Can I turn the sweeper around to get more use out of it ?

Yes, not only can the bristles be interchanged but due to the clamping system, you can also turn the sweeper around if you wish to get more service life out of it


Will it be any good with snow ?

For pushing fresh laid snow, the sweeper will work perfectly well





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