Sideways Drum Tipper

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Sideways drum rotator for steel & plastic drums

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Product: Sideways Drum Tipper

SKU: drum-rotator-SDR-1-DS

For written quotes, we will get back to you via email/telephone within 2 hours

Suitable for 210 litre steel and plastic drums of the 'L' or 'XL' ring variety, this forklift drum rotator offers the ability to rotate drums sideways through 360 degrees.

Rotation is performed by either an easy-to-use crank handle (for shoulder height rotation) or a loop chain (for above shoulder height rotation) both of which are connected to a high-quality gearbox.  Full rotation of a drum can be carried out in minutes with minimal effort required.  Simple and secure fastening of the drum into the attachment ensures the drum does not slip during the rotating process.

An ideal forklift drum rotating attachment for use in narrow aisles or confined spaces where sideways rotation is only possible

Supplied with 3 year warranty, fully tested & certificated


Model Ref Capacity (kg) To Suit Drum Type (210 Litre) Method of Rotation Max Fork Size (mm) Fork Spread (O/s - O/S)
SDR-1 360 Steel & 'L', 'XL' Plastic Crank Handle 140 x 50 680mm
SDR-2 360 Steel & 'L', 'XL' Plastic Loop Chain 140 x 50 680mm

Sideways rotation makes it the ideal drum rotator for narrow aisle operation 

Crank handle or loop chain rotation to allow effortless and controlled pouring of drum contents, eliminating risk of over pouring and spillage

High-quality gearbox to drain drums fully whilst eliminating manual handling and reducing risk of back strain

Manually adjustable drum girdle that grips drum firmly, eliminating risk of drum slippage and subsequent damage costs and contents loss

Generous size 'drive in' fork pockets to allow quick fitting on and off forklift

Large 'T' screw retention to forklift forks to ensure drum rotator is secured to the lift truck safely

'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity for Health & Safety Regulations


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