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Model Ref Volume Capacity
Minimum Truck Capacity
Bucket Width
Bucket Height
Econoscoop 0.40 2000 1250 392

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One of our best selling mechanical forklift scoops, our Economy forklift bucket offers fantastic value for money and is ideally suited where exact measurement of contents is not important.

This forklift scoop is manufactured to a strong and sturdy design and will offer a service life for many years to come.

A simple to operate release handle allows the scoop to be tipped with ease, and with large fork screw clamps, the scoop is safely retained to the forklift truck.


Forks fit low into the scoop bucket therefore giving high lift capabilities

Open design allows a large variety of products to be handled, which in turn can help reduce yard clearing and waste handling costs

Free standing design allows for quick fitment  on and off the forklift, thus reducing downtime and standing time

Simple mechanical operation offers low maintenance requirements and lower servicing costs

Large 'T' screw retention to ensure scoop is safely and securely fitted to the forklift truck

'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to meet Health & Safety Regulations 

Is the 'Economy' scoop made out of lower quality material ?

We  manufacture our Economy scoop to the same high specification as all our other scoops. The scoop is batched produced, so as a result we are happy to  pass the production savings onto the customer, which in turn allows us to sell at an economy price


What is the thickness of steel used on the side plates ?

We use heavy duty 6mm thick steel


Does the scoop come with an underside metal wear strip ?

Yes, a full metal wear strip is added to prevent wear & tear to the bucket


How is the scoop tipped ?

The scoop is purely mechanical in operation. By raising the 'T' shaped handle, this allows the bucket to tip forwards, which in turn relocks when lowered to the ground


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