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Heavy Duty Magnet Sweeper

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The heavy duty 'Easy Clean' forklift magnet is similar to the standard duty 'Magnasweep' forklift magnet, but is manufactured for much heavier industrial use.

The added feature of this heavy duty forklift magnet is that it comes with an Easy-Clean facility, which allows the metal debris that has been collected, to simply drop off the magnet by pushing down on the quick release handle.

Designed for picking up larger ferrous pieces from a greater distance, with a wider face, this heavy duty forklift magnet is ideal for scrap yards and similar sites for collecting pieces of tramp metal, and depositing them quickly. 

With a robust heavy design, and quick and easy fitment on and off the forklift, this heavy duty magnet is the perfect choice of industrial usage, and like all our forklift attachments, comes supplied fully tested and certified for compliance with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.

N.B. This magnet can affect Pacemakers, Credit Cars, Watches and other Electrical Devices - minimum safe distance 1m

Strong magnetism suitable for picking up bulkier metal debris from approx 6"

Easy-Clean quick release handle to allow metal debris to disconnect from the magnet

Large 300mm wide corrosion resistant magnetic bar

• 'T' screw retention to forklift forks to ensure magnet is safely secured to the lift truck

Robust heavy design offering long service life properties

'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to meet Health & Safety Regulations


What type of ferrous  metal can I pick up with the magnet ?

This is a heavy duty magnet designed for picking up large ferrous pieces approx 6" off the ground. Ideal for scrap yards and similar sites for collecting pieces of tramp metal


How does the magnet release the metal ?

There is a quick release handle on the magnet, which when pushed down, allows the metal to simply drop off


Will the magnet get weaker over time ?

The unit uses a permanent magnetic bar, which as a result, does not lose strength over time


How much weight can it pick up ?

This is a good question, and really is dependent upon several factors. Shape and size of the object being lifted, and length of magnet, would all have a contributing factor. For example, a 1500mm long magnet, using the full surface area of the magnet, would pick up in the region of 75 - 100kgs


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