Wheel Driven Sweeper - BEMA SWEEZY 40WD

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Plug & Sweep - No coupling of hydraulic lines

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Product: Wheel Driven Sweeper - BEMA SWEEZY 40WD


For written quotes, we will get back to you via email/telephone within 2 hours

Introducing the Bema Sweezy® 40 WD, a revolutionary sweeping machine with its own drive, making it ideally suited for use with electric forklifts

 With its exceptional maneuverability, the bema Sweezy® 40 WD is incredibly easy and efficient to use. Whether you need to sweep a production hall, warehouse, or parking lot, this machine will get the job done in no time.

Thanks to its wheel drive, you no longer need to rely on the energy from the carrier vehicle. This means you can start working immediately, without any delays.

The bema Sweezy® 40 WD also features a central steering point, allowing you to navigate around obstacles effortlessly. Say goodbye to time-consuming detours and hello to a more productive cleaning experience.

Invest in the Bema Sweezy® 40 WD and experience the power of a sweeping machine that is designed to make your cleaning tasks faster, easier, and more efficient.


Working Width 1250mm 1550mm 1850mm

Self-powered by two hydraulic wheel-drives featuring a high performance gerotor pump and drive shaft 32mm dia.

Drive of the main brush via powerful geroto motor with drive shaft 32 mm ia


incl collection hopper

175 Litre / 650kg 220 Litre / 680kg 250 Litre / 710kg
Empting of collection hopper Electrically by means of an accumulator or electrically by means of the carrier vehicle; mechanically by means of a ball valve
Main Brush 580mm diameter / Steel & PPN
Driving Speed Recommended 0,8 to 6km/h

Drive wheels: Ø 447 x 125mm

Support wheel: Super-elastic wheel  Ø 250 x 50mm

Rotary Side Brush , Ø 800mm

(Optional Equipment)

Hydraulic supply via the sweepers own wheel drive, including bema SideControl (comfort operation, combines 3-way valve and speed controller)

Rotary side brush is available for the right or the left side

Water Spray Unit

(Optional Equipment)

Tank filter and 12/24 volt pressure pump, water tank integrated in the machine casing (direct injection of water into the main brush and rotary side brush)


Optional Extra Equipment (please ask for more detail if required)

Water Spray System

Rotary Side Brush

CLEAN & GREEN - Forward-looking drive concept

Compared to a conventional sweeper, up to 50 % less operation power is required because an energy conversion is not necessary. This triples the running time of your electric carrier vehicle.

SIMPLY EFFICIENT - two hydraulic wheel-drives:

All drive components are perfectly coordinated. No energy from the carrier vehicle is required thanks to the closed hydraulic system consisting of hydraulic motor and pump.

PLUG & SWEEP - no coupling of hydraulic lines:

Simple and convenient. The sweeper is attached to the carrier vehicle in no time and is ready for use immediately. Thanks to the central steering point, the bema Sweezy® 40 WD is extremely maneuverable and can be optimally guided.

INDOOR & OUTDOOR - low-dust sweeping:

The bema Sweezy® 40 WD is perfect for indoor and outdoor cleaning. The fully encapsulated machine housing with integrated water tank and level indicator ensures low-dust sweeping.