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Forklift Wheelie Bin Lifter

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To suit 240 litre wheelie bins 

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The Wheelie Bin Lifter is designed to effortlessly lift stacks of 240 litre wheelie bins with a maximum lifting capacity of 500kg. Whether you have a warehouse, distribution center, or any other industrial setting, this wheelie bin lifting attachment is a game-changer when it comes to handling waste management efficiently.
The wheelie bin lifter is incredibly easy to use. It can be securely attached to the forks of your forklift using either heel pin retention for forks up to 1200mm long or thumbscrew retention for longer forks. This ensures a stable and reliable connection, allowing you to operate the lifter with confidence.
Once attached, all you need to do is drive your forklift forward until the lifter is positioned at the front face of the bin. With a simple lift, the attachment will fit snugly into the recesses under the top lip of the bin, ensuring a safe and secure grip. This means you can effortlessly load and unload bins onto vehicles, reducing the need for manual handling and minimizing the risk of injuries.
With the Wheelie Bin Lifter, you can effortlessly lift and transport standard bin configurations, reducing the need for manual handling and minimizing the risk of workplace injuries.

Supplied with 3 year warranty, fully tested & certificated


Model Ref Capacity Wheelie Bin Type  Max Fork Size Fork Spread (o/s - o/s)
FM-WBL 500kg 240 Litre 140mm x 60mm 780mm



Suitable for use with 240 litre wheelie bins, offering flexibility of use over the most popular size of wheelie bins

Simple operation allows wheelie bins to be lifted and stacked without manual handling, thus reducing risk of injury

Designed with few moving parts allows for low service and maintenance costs

Fork heel pin retention for safely securing to the forklift forks

Painted in yellow finish to highlight visibility on forklift truck  

'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to comply with Health & Safety Regulations

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