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If you want a simple and effective way of fitting pallet tines to your Telehandler, then our pallet fork carriages are the perfect attachment for your needs.

By permanently fitting a pair of pallet tines to the pallet fork carriage, there is no longer need to manually fit and remove the tines from the headstock of your machine. Our pallet fork carriages in the range below offer a quick and easy ‘drive in and hook on’ solution for when pallet tines need to be fitted to your machine with minimal downtime.

The pallet fork carriages in our range are all built specifically for the machine they are to fit onto and for the tines they are to pick up. We offer a range of different types of pallet fork carriages, from Class 2 to Class 4, JCB and Merlo, so please browse our range to discover the benefits of this simple-yet-effective attachment.


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