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Do you need to lift or tow heavy loads? By fitting one of our quick hitch lifting jibs or towing hitches to your telehandler, you can do just that. Our equipment gives you peace of mind, knowing you are using the right attachment for the job.

With its long reach. our telehandler lifting jib offers you the ability to handle loads that are otherwise awkward or inaccessible to reach, whilst the telehandler lifting hook keeps things nice and simple, and is the perfect attachment for slinging a heavy load when working in confined spaces.

For towing or container moving, why not learn more about two attachments perfect for the task, our telehandler container mover and our telehandler towing hitch, both options available below.

Whatever your lifting, moving or towing requirements may be, please take a few moments to browse the telehandler attachment range below to find the best solution for you.


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