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What a Scoop !


We all know just how versatile we need our forklifts to be.   From lifting and pouring to towing and sweeping, they have a tough job meeting every one of our manual handling requirements. 

And, with the help of our specifically designed range of fork-mounted and carriage-mounted scoops, your forklifts can also be turned into a highly effective loading shovel.

From mechanical scoops which covert forklifts into high reaching loaders to hydraulic buckets for the handling of loose materials, each of our products is manufactured to the highest of standards giving you complete peace of mind – even when operating in the harshest of environments.

And these environments may not just be inside the warehouse or builders’ yard.  The cold weather months bringing with them flurries of snow can bring significant safety and operational challenges to any business. But, with our dedicated scoop range having been expertly designed to help tackle anything mother nature throws at us – your forklift can be put to work as a highly effective snow shovel.  

So, which one of our scoops is best suited to your needs?  Here’s a brief look at just a few of the options available:

Our best-selling Economy Forklift Bucket fits low into the scoop ensuring enhanced lifting capabilities, is ideal for use in situations where the exact measurement of the load is not critical, and offers fantastic value for money.

Due to its highly effective handling of loose materials such as sand, gravel, and aggregate, our Easyfill Scoop is the attachment of choice for builders’ merchants everywhere.  As its name suggests, it’s ‘easy to fill’, compact, and offers exceptional movability – with its unique design ensuring successful material release even when wet. 

A perfect alternative to a loading shovel, our carefully designed MultiScoop comes complete with an easy-to-operate tipping mechanism which makes loading small vans and charging hoppers simple and safe, whilst its shallow tipping arc makes it the perfect choice for working in areas with confirmed headroom.

Do check out our full range of forklift scoops to make sure you choose the exact one for your needs, and don’t forget – each one of our scoops is now available to purchase online 

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