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The Ultimate Guide to Affordable Forklift Attachments for Forklift Operators


Forklift truck attachments are used for numerous forklift functions, from lifting pallets to loading and unloading trucks. Here’s a list of some of the most common types of forklift attachments along with their descriptions and uses.

Fork Extensions

forklift extensions

Fork extensions offer long reach and stabilising capabilities and are ideal for safe and stable handling of loads that are awkward or longer than the forklift forks. They also ensure the forklift truck  can be maneuvered in a way that allows it to operate conventionally. Easy to fit, forklift extensions are designed to simply slide over the forks of the forklift, and are secured by means of heel pins or retaining bars, 

Forklift extensions can prove a more cost-effective option in many instances than replacing the forklift forks with a longer pair. With the fork extensions being a temporary fitment, they also allow the forklift to resume normal lifting duties that might otherwise prove more problematic should the forklift have permanently longer forks fitted

Forklift Crane Jib Arms

forklift jib

Handling an awkward load can be made a lot easier if you have the correct forklift jib fitted to your forklift truck. These attachments are designed with extended reach beyond the tips of the forklift forks to provide additional length. Many forklift crane jibs can be purchased in a wide range of configurations, from using fixed beams to telescopically extendable beams.  The mounting of forklift crane jibs to the forklift truck can also come with a variety of options, with the most common being 'fork-mounted', but 'carriage-mounted' can also be an option if you prefer a more permanent fixture to your forklift truck

Tipping Skips

tipping skip

Forklift tipping skips and tipping bins are hugely popular and for good reason. A wide-ranging accessory, they can handle factory waste in a speedy and efficient manner. Whether you require your forklift bin with a lid, or with raised mesh sides or even fully automatic tipping, multiple tipping skips exist to suit all needs. With many companies choosing to colour code their tipping skips dependant upon the type of waste that is being placed in them, this makes their recycling and waste management stream a lot more efficient whilst helping to comply with environmental standards. To discover more beneftis of a forklift tipping skip, then please take a look at our blog "The Five Benefits Of a Forklift Tipping Skip"

Forklift Hooks (Yokes)

forklift hooks

Safely hanging a load under the forks of the lift truck can be achieved through the use of adjustable fork mounted hook attachments, also known as 'forklift yokes', which are a simple, cost-effective and safe way of handling heavy loads of different sizes or where there are different reach requirements.

Forklift Sweepers

forklift sweeper

Forklift sweepers provide a quick, simple, and effective way of keeping indoor and outdoor premises clean, increasing productivity whilst reducing cleaning costs, and handling large areas with light rubbish up to scrap yards and building site materials. Varying in cost from simple 'push broom' options which act just like a large sweeping broom, to the more advanced and sophisticated 'hydraulic rotary sweepers' which come with waste collection hoppers, large rotary diameter brushes and water spray systems, there are numerous different styles of forklift sweepers on the market, all of which can transform your forklift into a powerful sweeping machine


Forklift Drum Grabs 

forklift drum handler

For the movement of steel or plastic drums around the factory or store, forklift drum handlers are essential. Located underneath the 'rolling hoops' of the steel drum or underneath the lip of a plastic drum, the attachments are fully automatic and tighten grip once lifting commences. If drums are tightly packed together, then there are various 'rim grip' style drum handlers on the market that feature steel gripping heads that allow drums to be picked up or set down without spaces between them, useful when stuffing or de-stuffing containers.

With such a wide range of options available when it comes to forklift drum handling equipment, from clamps to rotators, it is always best to start narrowing down your search for the ideal drum handling attachment based on the types of drums you are handling along with the expected volume of drum handling required. To help you choose the perfect drum handler, why not take a look at our guide "Picking The Perfect Drum Handling Attachment" 

Forklift Access Platforms 

forklift platform

Forklift access platforms can be put to safe use when unplanned or emergency working at height duties are called for such as changing a light bulb. Normally designed for holding one - two people, forklift platforms generally come with self-closing and self-locking gates for entry, and prove a cost-effective and safe alternative to hiring in dedicated machinery.  

When purchasing a forklift platform, it is essential to ensure it conforms to Working platforms (non-integrated) on forklift trucks Guidance Note PM28 (Fourth edition). For more information on Forklift Safety Cages, check out our guide "Your Complete Guide To Forklift Safety Cages"

Pallet Forks  

forklift forks

ITA/FEM type forklift pallet forks and pallet tines are the most common fork suitable for trucks including those on rough terrain, available in several back height and hanger combinations to suit carriage class configurations ranging from Class 1 up to Class 5.

Forklift Attachments FAQs

What is considered a forklift attachment?

A forklift attachment is any forklift accessory that can be fitted to the front of the forklifts forks via the forks or carriage to facilitate lifting, tipping, towing, carrying, pushing, rotating, clamping or pushing.

Is there a standard for forklift attachments?

Yes, applicable standards for forklift attachments include:

Do fork lift attachments need to be certified?

Yes, under LOLER, lifting equipment and accessories such as forklift attachments must be certified and subsequently ‘CE’ marked (where applicable) or from January 2022, ‘UKAS’ marked.

Forklift Attachments must also undergo a periodic Thorough Examination, which can best be described as being similar to a car's MOT.  Just as a car needs its annual MOT to check its roadworthiness, forklift attachments also need annual (or bi-annual) checks to ensure all components relating to safety have been formally inspected and declared as being in a safe and useable condition    

What must you check before using an attachment on a forklift?

Before using an attachment on a forklift, ensure the lifting capacity of the forklift is suitable once the attachment is fitted. The ‘Residual Capacity’ of the forklift once the attachment has been fitted can be calculated by the forklift manufacturer/supplier, based on various factors that relate to the forklift, the load being handled, and technical information of the attachment.

Other checks should include the condition of the attachment and any signs of damage, as well as the means of safely securing the attachment to the forklift (heel pin).

With such a wide range of forklift attachments on the market, we hope this guide has served its purpose as highlighting some of the most common attachments on the market.  Forklift attachments are the perfect forklift accessory when it comes to allowing your forklift to carry out a multitude of different material handling requirements.

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