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The Five Benefits of a Forklift Tipping Skip


There’s a very good reason why forklift tipping skips and tipping bins are one of the most popular forklift attachments on the market — in fact, there are five very good reasons! In this blog we share just some of the ways forklift self-tipping skips can benefit and streamline your business — from waste and safety, to odour and pest control…

Environmental Segregation

With the environmental impact of doing business becoming even more important than ever before, most companies are striving to do things better and to improve the way they segregate factory and warehouse waste. With those using and adhering to ‘colour coding’ systems, tipping skips can play an important role in helping to segregate this waste. With forklift skips and telehandler skips available in a diverse range of colours to match your own systems and processes, skips can make the process of segregating waste quicker, easier, and safer. 

Whatever colour coding scheme you follow, forklift skips which match the right colour for the material being deposited can make things much easier for your business, your staff, and help you to achieve your environmental goals and obligations.

Whilst it’s not mandatory for all industries, colour coding is designed to reduce risk, improve the latest health and safety, and enhance waste segregation processes, with the Institution of Civil Engineers’ guidelines being one of the most popular colour schemes to follow.

Odours and Pest Control

It’s never pleasant having a strong odour in the air, especially when you have customers and other visitors present on your site and workplace. Some waste, when left out, can generate such smells and this is yet another reason why forklift skips that have been specially designed to store waste are such a popular solution for businesses.  

Many skips on the market can be fitted with or without lockable lids too, which not only prevents unwanted smells escaping from the waste, but can stop vermin and pests such as rats from inhabiting the waste. Keeping your waste locked away in a lidded forklift skip is one way to keep the pests at bay! 

Clean Working Conditions

Working in a cluttered or dirty area can of course be a hazard to employee health and wellbeing, but it can also reduce their morale and motivation. Keeping a clean and tidy workspace not only helps to improve work efficiency and performance but can reduce potentially avoidable accidents.

Having forklift tipping skips placed strategically throughout your site, building site, warehouse, or factory will help to keep the nearby areas clean, your team happier, and allow for safe methods of waste removal to your waste receptacle, main skip or waste compactor

Reduce Non-Value Activity (NVA)

Productivity levels are key to a successful business which is why NVA needs to be kept to a minimum. When staff members have to routinely empty bins or man-handle wheelie bins that are full-to-overflowing with waste is a task that not only adds no value to the business in terms of productivity (what else they could be doing), but it can greatly impact their work efficiency as well as increase risk of slips, trips and falls.

Utilising forklift tipping skips into your waste stream offers a safe and speedy alternative to an otherwise labour-intensive task, but it will also reduce the risk of injuries and accidents, as well as help your employees feel like they’re doing much more valuable work. Win, win and win!

Reduce Contamination

In certain industries where contamination needs to be kept to the absolute minimum, such as Food & Drink, collecting and disposing of waste using Stainless Steel tipping skips can be of huge benefit. Stainless Steel tipping skips have a pitting resistance and offer a higher level of protection against corrosion, as well as reduce the risk of cross-contamination (and the subsequent costs incurred as a result).

Forklift tipping skips not only transform your forklift into a handy, safe, and efficient piece of equipment that works for you, but they can enhance your existing waste and material handling, in addition to reducing labour-intensive tasks by your workforce — essentially helping them to perform higher-value tasks for you and your business.

Available in regular-duty and heavy-duty versions, auto-release or manual-release operation, if you have any questions about your forklift handling requirements, or about tipping skips and how they work, please do get in touch with a member of our team on 01686 611200 or email — we’d be happy to help!

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