winter forklift attachments


As winter is fast approaching, with the days getting shorter and the weather dropping colder, many businesses are beginning to make changes to better suit this seasonal shift. To help, our team share their top five winter attachments that will allow you to do business better:


(1) Forklift Snow Plough


forklift snow plough

Are you looking to convert your forklift into a powerful and effective snow-clearing machine? By simply fitting a Snow Plough, you can achieve just that. And with snow threatening the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of business, it’s no wonder it’s one of our most popular winter attachments.


With a range of options available – from fixed blade snow ploughs through to adjustable or sprung-loaded options – there’s a compatible component for everyone. Thanks to their heavy-duty rolled steel blades, all of our forklift snow ploughs are manufactured to move heavy and compact snow with ease. As a safer and easier option than conventional shovelling, it allows snow clearing to become a simple and effortless task for you and your team.


(2) Forklift Towable Salt Spreader


forklift salt spreader


While removing the snow that’s fallen is important, it’s also vital to prevent any slips or trips on icy car parks or pathways. With winter evenings and mornings often bringing with them a frost, it’s fundamental to make provisions to ensure accessways can remain open and safe.


The Salt Spreaders can be easily connected to the forklift truck via a tow ball hitch or pin, transforming them into an effective salt gritting machine. With no hydraulic or electrical connection required, they’re simple to operate, simple to maintain, and – most importantly – simple to connect and use as needed.


(3) Forklift Push Broom Sweeper


forklift sweeper


Forklift Sweepers can provide a quick, simple and effective way to keep your premises clean, and in turn, help to keep productivity high and cleaning costs low. Win:win.


While it’s not purpose-built for clearing snow (like a Snow Plough, for example), it can be useful for brushing away a light scattering of snow. And when the snow melts and turns to slush, the Forklift Push Broom can be used again to remove it once and for all. Boasting a diverse range of uses (all year round), this might be a cost-effective solution for assisting your workforce this winter.


(4) Forklift Yard Scraper


forklift yard scraper

There’s not much that a Snow Plough can do that a Forklift Yard Scraper can’t…


While it’s not purposefully designed to plough snow left or right, it can still clear snow to allow for suitable and safe pathways to be created. Their angled ends prevent the snow from spilling out from the sides, making it an innovative solution. And, its steel wear-strips ensure a long service life is guaranteed. 


Plus, for the remainder of the year it can be utilised to keep your yard clean and tidy.



(5) Forklift Scoop Attachment


forklift scoop


It’s unlikely to be your first thought when considering winter-specific attachments, but a Forklift Scoop can also be highly effective in clearing snow.


Manufactured from robust steel and designed to work in the most demanding of environments, they’re able to withstand even the harshest of conditions. Plus, with both mechanical and hydraulic options available, we can find the perfect partner to meet your specific product handling needs.


And, don’t forget to top-up your Winter Accessories. Designed to complement our range of winter attachments, these will help keep your forklift, your team, and your operations moving this winter. So, don’t let the weather slow you down. We’re here to help ensure it’s business-as-usual, no matter what the season throws our way.


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