forklift drum handler

Steel or plastic drums are a popular packaging choice across an array of industries, but being able to carefully, safely and appropriately lift, transport, and stack them in the workplace is vital. With many industrial drums weighing up to 350kg, significantly exceeding the UK maximum manual handling limits, finding a suitable solution is paramount.

Forklift Drum Handlers are specifically designed for this – allowing for productivity and efficiency to remain high, all while keeping individuals safe and free from injury. To ensure you’re getting the most from your Drum Handler, our team shares their tips…


  • Always inspect the drum for any visible damage or leaks
  • Ensure the lid is securely fastened
  • Identify the material prior to loading and be aware of any precautions needed (especially if a flammable or corrosive chemical)
  • Make a clear path for the handler to manoeuvre - free from debris, obstructions, or individuals
  • Secure the drum as directed onto the handler
  • Check the Safe Working Load (SWL) is appropriate
  • Be mindful of company Risk Assessments / Health & Safety procedures
  • Use recommended PPE (safety footwear, hard hat, gloves and goggles – if applicable)


When used as intended, Forklift Drum Handlers are the perfect partner to transporting plastic or steel drums around the workplace, loading and unloading from lorries, or carefully storing in racking.

Our range of Drum Handling equipment is all manufactured to the highest standards, ‘CE’ marked, fully tested and supplied with the latest Health & Safety test certification. Plus, with our ‘no quibble guarantee’ you can rest assured that you can be totally confident in your new addition, and absolutely get the most out of your Drum Handler.

For more information, or to discover which Drum Handler would best accompany your workforce, check out our full range on the website. If you need any support, advice or guidance from our team of experts, please get in touch via our live chat.