telehandler attachments

While a forklift is an incredibly useful addition to your workforce, we also know that some jobs require the versatility, strength and manoeuvrability of a Telehandler. As a result, we also offer an extensive – and expanding – range of strong and robust Telehandler attachments designed to meet the demands of everyday industry.

With an attachment to suit almost any sector, project or scenario, as well as the ability to either be fitted directly to the forks (just like a forklift) or attached using dedicated brackets compatible with your make and model, ensures we have something to best suit your needs. To support you in your decision, our team share their insights into the top uses for telehandler equipment:


Lifting and Towing 

telehandler lifting hookFitting a quick hitch lifting jib or towing hitch to your telehandler can support you in moving heavy loads, giving you peace of mind it’s safe and secure.

Products available :

Lifting Jib - offers the ability to handle loads that are otherwise awkward or inaccessible to reach

Lifting Hook - is the perfect attachment for slinging a heavy load when working in confined spaces



Safely Working at Height

telehandler platformStrong and robust, telehandler platforms are a fantastic addition to those working in construction, plant hire or agriculture.

Products available :

Man Riding Cages - provide a safe, stable, and protected deck to allow individuals to carry out work at height without risk of injury.




telehandler big bag handlerAttachments are available to assist in lifting heavy loads or repositioning within the yard or workplace.

Products available :

Big Bag Handlers – provide the perfect partner for safely handling large bags (such as fertiliser). As a versatile accompaniment to any workforce, they’re available in a variety of models, including having capacity to move bags up to 1000kg, as well as handling multiple bags at once.



Lifting Pallets

telehandler pallet carriageA Telehandler attachment is a simple and effective way to fit pallet tines to support in lifting and moving pallets around the yard.

Products available :

Pallet Fork Carriages – offer minimal downtime by allowing for a quick and easy ‘drive-in and hook-on’ solution. And built specifically for your machine, they’re both a simple and bespoke solution to lifting pallets efficiently and safely.