The business world is constantly evolving – at a quicker pace now than ever before. As a result, companies have to frequently review policies and, where necessary, devise new and innovative ways of working to enhance efficiency, safety, and profitability.


This was recently the case for Powys-based CellPath, who specialise in manufacturing and supplying consumables, equipment and services to the cellular pathology sector across the globe. Following a site move, their existing procedures were no longer adequate. And, as part of this, new equipment was needed to support their workforce - and so, they called in the experts.


Mark Pace-Bonello, Operations Manager at CellPath, explains why they sought the support of Contact Attachments with this company-wide advancement:



Why did you reach out to Contact Attachments?

“Thanks to their stellar reputation, and being situated relatively local to us, we decided to discuss our needs with Contact Attachments. From here, we had several in-depth conversations with their expert team which helped us to decide the most appropriate item we needed to meet our bespoke business needs.


“At CellPath, innovation, precision and well-proven products manufactured to a very high standard is at our very core. This is also a key motivating factor when searching for partners to collaborate with – being able to work with businesses who can meet (and exceed) our expectations, who boast the highest quality, and are able to deliver on their promises.


What challenge were you trying to overcome?

“Previously, we’d used a powered hoist to move our tools, and these were carried individually due to the short distances needed to travel. However, we’ve recently moved to a new premises – the layout of our new workspace means that our injection moulding machines are now all parallel to each other. While this is better logistically for the production line, it unfortunately meant transporting the tool plates in this manner was no longer a suitable option.


“We invested in an overhead gantry crane to move our tools – and tasked Contact Attachments with designing and manufacturing bespoke lifting cradles, tailored to move multiple tooling plates simultaneously.


What has adding this product to your business allowed you (and your team) to achieve?

“Introducing the cradles has allowed travel around the workshop to be reduced and the risk of damage to be avoided. We’re now able to move the plates much more efficiently, saving time and resources, and have found a safer solution, for both the tool setter and tool itself.


Based on your experience, would you work with Contact Attachments again?

“We’ve worked with Contact Attachments on other projects in the past, and they’re our first point of reference for attachments for lifting equipment. We’ve always been very pleased with their response and solutions, and will continue to seek their advice, guidance and support in the future.”


If you’d like to explore your attachment needs, get in touch with our team of experts today via the Live Chat on the website.