winter forklift attachments


We recently shared our Top Five Winter Forklift Attachments, but it’s vital that you understand how to utilise these to keep your warehouse safe this winter. With the potential of adverse weather conditions and freezing temperatures, there are additional risk factors that need to be addressed, considered and managed in the colder months to ensure business operations continue to run smoothly, and that the safety of employees is always the priority.


Keeping Accessways Clear

First and foremost, you need to ensure that car parks, accessways and pathways are clear from ice and snow to allow your employees to safely enter the warehouse – and then move around the yard whilst on shift.

As a preventative measure, the Salt Spreader is useful, allowing you to distribute grit and salt in key areas when a frost is forecast. Following a wintry spell, the Snow Plough can also be used to manually clear pathways ensuring that your employees can access the warehouse without risk of slipping. Plus, it’s a far safer, efficient, (and less back-breaking!) solution than conventional shovelling, making clearing snow a simple and effortless task.

Also, Yard Scrapers and Sweepers are also important when keeping the yard clear from dirt and debris. Whether it’s leaves and mud, or snow and ice, they can also support in ensuring all accessways are clear from obstruction. Plus, these can also be useful for indoor cleaning too – with Magnetic Sweepers the perfect partner for picking up puncture-causing metal objects, such as nails and screws.


Clean and Tidy

The new year brings with it new opportunities and the feeling of a fresh start. So why not take the opportunity to have a complete clear out this winter? 

A Forklift Tipping Skip enables you to handle your factory waste in a speedy and efficient manner, ensuring that the warehouse is free from any potential trip hazards or unnecessary rubbish.

Another way to ensure the warehouse is clean and tidy is to invest in storage solutions so that everything can be kept in an appropriate space. Drum Storage allows drums to be stowed away correctly – in line with Health and Safety requirements. And it helps in minimising the risk of spills, leaks or injuries caused by falling drums.


Working at Height

Regardless of the season, a Forklift Safety Cage is the essential 'stand-by' attachment to have for emergency/unplanned use that allows you to elevate a warehouse employee to conduct a task at height, all while ensuring they stay away from harm. 


If you want to find out more about forklift attachments that can help you stay safe in the warehouse this winter, get in touch with one of the team via the Live Chat today.