forklift jib

In any industry, safety is – and should be - the utmost priority, and equipment to enhance this is essential. But what happens when it isn’t available? 


Data & Telecoms Manufacturer, Connectix Ltd, frequently had to outsource container unloading due to their inability to safely conduct it in-house, which was both time-consuming and costly. That was until they discovered Contact Attachments and invested in a Forklift Extendable Jib, which gifted them the freedom to be able to safely and securely do this themselves.


Mark Hancock, Operation Director at Connectix Ltd explains:


“Until very recently, if a load moved in transit resulting in damaged racking or an unsafe load, we had to send the container away as it could not be unloaded appropriately with a standard fork lift. Of course, this wasn’t practical – it was costing us time and money, was incredibly frustrating for business, and was significantly impacting our deadlines.


“We were seeking the perfect solution, and came across Contact Attachments. Their website was comprehensive and informative – I didn’t even need to speak to anyone to easily identify the exact product that would be a great addition to my workforce.


“From the moment it was delivered, the Forklift Extendable Jib has allowed us to complete these tasks efficiently from our warehouse, including securing racking, unloading deliveries, and removing drums of cable from containers.


“Following the success of this item, we’ve also invested in a Forklift Cage from Contact Attachments too, which will further support the team to be able to carry out tasks within the workshop safely and swiftly.”


The Forklift Extendable Jib purchased was specifically tailored to suit their three-tonne capacity forklift.


Jason Cadman, Marketing Manager at Contact Attachments added: “The Forklift Extendable Jib is an incredibly popular item – thanks to its 11 different lifting location points, it’s suitable for an array of long-load handling applications.


“At Contact Attachments, we’re dedicated to supporting businesses to enhance their processes. We’re pleased to learn that this is absolutely the case here, and by introducing this item to their business, Connectix Ltd has positively transformed the way they unload containers. And it’s fantastic to learn of their great experience and continued custom as it’s exactly what we strive to achieve.”


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