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News - 2020

Using Your Forklift Salt Spreader & Snow Ploughs All Year Round


Forklift Seed Spreader

Having the option to transform your forklift into a handy piece of winter maintenance equipment can help to keep your business open and busy during the winter months - especially when things get cooler on the ground.

But what about after the ice and snow has melted? While the forklift Snow Plough does exactly what it says on the tin and clears snow from transport routes, sites and workshops, you might be surprised to know that it can be used all-year-round and help keep yards clean and tidy.

From moving waste to scraping the yard from rubbish, debris or other materials - if your forklift Snow Plough has castors fitted (like our adjustable and sprung loaded models, which come with castors as standard), it's even more versatile and will help you to get the most from your winter contingency equipment.

Our 190 litre Towable Salt Spreader and Gritters can also be used during the spring, summer and autumn months to make spreading grass, seeds and fertiliser even easier, as well as help you get the most from your existing equipment.

It's perfect for towing behind vehicles with a standard ball hitch or towing pins and is simple yet effective to use, requiring no electrical or auxiliary valve connection to the forklift itself.

Our 50kg capacity Pedestrian Salt Spreader and Gritter can also be used in the same way, with large pneumatic tyres and a non-corrosive hopper making it easy to handle and manoeuvre. The added benefit is that it can be used without a forklift as a standalone piece of equipment, meaning your personnel don't need specialist training to operate.

So, before thinking that your winter equipment needs to be stored away for months on end, do give some thought to how else you might be able to use it throughout the year - you'd be surprised at how creative some of our customers have been!

From using Pedestrian Salt Spreaders to transport awkward or hard-to-carry goods from one part of the site to another, to using the forklift Towable Spreader for various farming jobs - the opportunities are endless!

Forklift Snow PloughForklift Towable Salt SpreaderPedestrian Salt Spreader

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