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Transform your forklift


No matter what industry you work in, having the right tools for the job in hand is vital.  Our range of forklift attachments is extensive, and provides our customers with the opportunity to conveniently and safely adapt their forklift to meet every one of their manual handling needs.

Whether you work in the automotive sector and require a lifting jib for safe load handling, are looking for the perfect tool to achieve controlled drum pouring in the food and drink sector, or are responsible for secure waste disposal within a retail environment, our full - and ever-growing - range of attachments can turn your simple forklift truck into a truly flexible piece of equipment.  Providing you with even greater usability and value for money.

Some of our most popular forklift attachments are our tipping skips and tipping bins which are hugely effective in helping customers handle factory waste quickly and efficiently.  And, they come in a variety of designs – with or without lids, with raised mesh sides, or with full automatic tipping capabilities. 

Our attachments are even designed with the weather in mind, and many industries benefit significantly from our range of snow ploughs and salt spreaders.  Via a simple connection to a ball hitch or pin, your forklift can be effortlessly converted into an easy-to-use salt gritting machine – to ensure the entrance to your premises remain clear and your customers kept safe in the harshest of environments.   

To complement our forklift attachments, our range of safety accessories – including PPE and inspection kits – gives you peace of mind that you and your teams are fully protected at all times.  

And, if for any reason you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for, we have a dedicated bespoke design service that will ensure you find the perfect solution to your material handling requirement

If you’d like any further information on our range of forklift attachments or if you’d like to enquire about our bespoke service, please contact a member of the team on 01686 247 091.

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