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Things to consider when buying a forklift snow plough attachment


forklift snow plough

A snow plough attachment can be a huge help for any business looking to clear snow efficiently and quickly. In this handy guide, we share some of the options to consider based on your specific needs. 


What Material Is the Forklift Snow Plough Made From?

While the assumption may be that all snow ploughs are manufactured from steel, this is not always the case. Steel ploughs are certainly the most common variety, but they are also available fitted with polyethylene blades. So what’s the difference?

What are the advantages of polyethylene snow plough blades?

    • Snow glides more easily from polyethylene compared to a steel alternative
    • These blades will never rust
    • They are both reversible and replaceable.

What are the advantages of steel snow plough blades?

    • Steel is unaffected by extreme temperatures and frost
    • It will plough through even the most compacted snow
    • Steel blades are strong, robust, and extremely hard-wearing. 

Takeaway: Both blades have their advantages, so it’s important to weigh up which is most appropriate for your needs. 

Does the Forklift Snow Plough Have A Painted Or Galvanised Finish?

forklift snow plough

A galvanised snow plough is far more durable than one with a painted finish. A galvanised finish has anti-corrosive properties, extending the service life and durability of a forklift snow plough far longer than one that’s painted — making it the preferred finish of choice.

Takeaway: A galvanised snow plough offers a longer service life, but it may come at a higher initial cost. 

Do You Need to Plough in Both Directions — Left and Right?

adjustable snow ploughYou may not have considered in which direction you would need to plough your snow, yet this will have a bearing on which type of snow plough attachment you’ll need.

You could choose a fixed blade option that will only plough snow to the left (UK) or alternatively an adjustable snow plough design, allowing you to adjust the blade to the left, right, or straight ahead. The adjustable plough may again be the more expensive option, but it could reduce time and costs when clearing large amounts of snow.

Takeaway:  Think about how you’ll use your forklift snow plough and in which direction before purchasing. 

Will the Snow Plough Attachment Fit Your Forklift?

forklift forksWhilst snow plough attachments are designed to fit over the forks of your forklift, they are not guaranteed to be a one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll need to ensure the pockets will accommodate section size, both the width and thickness, as well as the fork spread, which is the distance from the outside of one fork to the outside of the other.

Takeaway: Snow ploughs are not a universal fit, so it’s key to measure your existing forklift accurately. 

Does The Snow Plough Blade Have Replaceable Wear Strips?

forklift plough bladeChoosing a snow plough with a replaceable wear strip can considerably increase the life span of the attachment. If the bottom edge of the forklift snow plough blade is not protected, its condition would rapidly deteriorate. Many high-quality forklift snow ploughs on the market come with both a replaceable metal wear strip and a rubber blade insert. Easily replaceable, the strip will significantly extend the service life of your snow plough attachment.

Takeaway: Protecting your ploughs with wear strips will significantly increase the service life of your equipment.

Will You Be Ploughing Over Raised Objects or On Rough Terrain?

sprung loaded snow ploughSnow covers a multitude of sins, including potentially damaging raised objects and manhole covers.  Consider the type of surface that you intend to use your forklift snow plough on. — e.g. an undetected raised manhole cover could cause sizable damage to the blade if driven over at speed.

A spring-loaded forklift snow plough designed to compensate for rough terrain would prove a worthy investment if your site has many potential hazards. The integral springs absorb the force of any collision with a raised object, avoiding damage and leaving the snow plough intact.

Takeaway: If uneven terrain is a concern, the spring-loaded snow plough can provide peace of mind. 


There are lots of things to consider when purchasing a snow plough, from the size of your existing forklift truck, to the terrain on which you might drive it on, and the direction in which you intend to sweep. If you have any questions about our range of snow ploughs, or would like to speak to our in-house technical and design team, do just click ‘chat now’ — we’d love to help. 

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