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News - 2018

Our Forklift Sweepers Clear The Way


With Autumn fast approaching, many of our customers now need to consider ways of keeping their premises clean and tidy to combat falling leaves and general debris. Being one of the UK's only dedicated suppliers of the German manufactured BEMA sweeper range, our support is on hand to help with our customers sweeping needs.

Benefiting from high level German engineering, the three most popular BEMA models in our range, the 20,25 and 40 will ensure your sweeping requirements are met to the fullest.  The BEMA 20 and BEMA 25 forklift sweepers are both suitable for outdoor sweeping where as the versatile BEMA 40 model can be used for both indoor and outdoor sweeping.

With simple hydraulic fitment and various brush widths available, these top performing forklift hydraulic sweepers will never fail to deliver. 

If you are looking for a powerful forklift sweeper that will sweep, collect and dispose of your debris, then please do not hesitate to contact our sales team, they will be more than happy to help with your sweeping requirements.



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