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News - 2019

Our forklift jib range continue to reach new heights


One of our most popular forklift attachment range is unquestionably our forklift jibs and forklift hooks. With over four decades of experience and being one of the leading UK manufacturers of forklift and telehandler attachments, we are proud to be still supporting our customers over four decades on with their material handling needs, whilst offering attachments that can transform their forklift trucks into adaptable lifting machinery

With our extensive range of forklift jibs we are able to help our customers handle long or awkward loads by providing attachments that offer additional reach to their existing equipment whilst also offering solutions to handle loads that can be difficult to palletise

Our full range of forklift jibs include fixed length, raised height and articulating jibs, as well as telescopic jibs for even greater reach.  Our jibs can be supplied fork mounted or carriage mounted, not to mention quick hitch mounted if telehandler fitment is desired.

Ensuring optimum handling safety is always paramount, which is why all our forklift jibs use a special rating chart that allows us to rate each of our jibs in line with the capacity of the forklift being used. Not only does this ensure a precise match each and every time but also provides peace of mind to the operator knowing that they will never overload their equipment

With continued growth in our range of Telehandler attachments, our team are also producing lifting jibs not only for forklifts, but for telehandlers and loaders too

If you are looking for a safe, effective solution to handling heavy or awkward loads, then please feel free to browse our range of forklift jibs and lifting beams, and if you would like any further assistance in choosing the right jib for you, then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team, who will be delighted to help



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