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Forklift Drum Handling Equipment Q & A


With the ever increasing number of different drum types and styles being used nowadays in the market place, our range of drum handling equipment is continuing to evolve to meet this ever increasing drum handling requirement.

Here at Contact we've been designing and manufacturing forklift drum handling equipment for over 40 years, providing drum handling solutions for all types of businesses, large or small.  Here's a quick Q&A which we hope will help when it comes to researching your drum handling needs

How Experienced are you ?

Like we mentioned above, our forklift drum handling range has been at the core of our business since 1974, and since those early days when we only had to cater for your standard 210 litre steel drums, we now have a vast range of drum handling equipment that can cater for drums of all types of shapes and sizes.

 I need to move drums around the factory or store, what equipment will I need ?

For basic low volume drum handling of the 210 litre steel variety, then you won't go far wrong with our entry level and popular FDH-1 forklift drum grab.  Designed to handle this type of drum around their 'rolling hoops', this particular style of drum handler is low cost, effective and fully automatic in operation

 What if the drums are packed tightly together ?

In this scenario, then a different type of drum handling solution would be offered. For handling drums that are packed tightly together, the best way to handle the drums would be by gripping the drums on their lip. With no spaces in between the drums, our entry level drum grab would not really be suitable.  We have a solution to this problem however in the form of our Rim Grip Drum Handler. With steel gripping jaws, offering positive securing to the drum, drums can be picked up and set down with ease, making it perfect for handling drums that are packed tightly together on a pallet. Furthermore, this particular style of forklift drum handler is suitable for use with both 210 litre steel drums and 210 litre 'L' & 'XL' ring plastic drums

 What if I need to pour drums ?

Manually trying to pour and de-cant drums can be a recipe of injury, which is why one of our mainstay products has always been the forklift drum rotator.  With a steel girdle for securing the drum in place, a high quality gearbox linked to either a crank handle or loop chain (dependant upon your requirements) is used to offer effortless and precise pouring of drum contents. Full 360 degree rotation can be achieved with this type of drum handling equipment, not to mention we can offer both forwards and sideways rotation to cater even more precisely for your particular needs.

 What is ATEX certification ?

If you are handling drums in a potentially explosive or hazardous environment, then you may be required under Health & Safety Regulations to only use equipment that has been ATEX certified. More information on ATEX equipment can be found by visiting our ATEX Forklift Attachments page.  With the ability to manufacture our drum handling equipment in non sparking stainless steel ( a requirement for ATEX specification) we can certainly help with any ATEX drum handling requirement you may have

How do I get in touch for more information ?

You are already in the right place by visiting our website, on here you will find a wide selection of forklift drum handling equipment that we offer.  If you require further information, then our informative and helpful sales team are only a phone call away on 01686 611200.  If you have a particular drum handling need that needs addressing, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you








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