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News - 2019

Forklift Attachments Can Help Your Winter Maintenance


With the Christmas shutdown giving many companies the opportunity to carry out routine maintenance, here's a rundown on three of the most popular attachments for this time of year

Forklift Safety Cages

For any unscheduled or emergency repair work that you come across that needs to be carried out in a safe and risk-free manner, whilst working at height, then our forklift safety platform range may prove just the ticket.

Forklift Transfer Platform

Designed for goods carrying and to aid the safe transportation of pallets and other large loads that cannot be palletised, our Goods Transfer Platforms come tailor-made to suit the specific dimensions of the load being handled.  The ideal and perfect forklift attachment for moving bulky items whilst helping to reduce manual handling costs and maximising the forklift truck

Forklift Lifting Jibs

For reaching items that are in hard to access areas, our forklift jibs and lifting beams offer a great solution to picking up products that are otherwise difficult to palletise or move


With winter weather being unpredictable and many of our customers using this time of the year to carry out operational audits, repair or servicing work to premises or equipment the above-mentioned attachments continues to be very popular with our clients whilst helping them make the most of their existing forklifts.

With a wide range of options available based on the type of goods being handled or transported, both of which can help boost efficiency, improve safety and reduce manual labour,

In addition to these fantastic attachments, we also offer various winter products including snowploughs, towable and pedestrian salt spreaders and sweepers, all of which can help our customers operate during more extreme weather conditions. 


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