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Developing a Covid-19 safe forklift platform


The world as we know it has changed beyond belief in 2020, and so the ways in which we all work have had to adapt too. That’s why we have been working incredibly hard in order to be able to offer a forklift platform solution which protects users against Coronavirus when working in pairs on a specific project.

We are pleased to now be in a position to offer a Covid-19 compliant forklift safety cage. It has been specifically designed so two people can continue to work together while still maintaining social distancing, as one of its main features is a removable protective dividing plastic screen – this shields operators from any Coronavirus droplets in the air, providing reassurance as well as protection.

There are also cleaning stations fitted to each compartment, which means hand sanitiser, gloves, wipes and any other necessary cleaning and protective equipment can be easily stored. There are individual side gates which provide easy access into the platform, as well as a protective barrier when operating at height, and they are also self-closing and lock automatically to reduce the need for those using them to touch the gates.

In addition to the specific Covid-compliant features, the platform also includes many of the other features which Contact Attachment customers will recognise from other models in the range.

There’s a security locking system to ensure the platform is secured safely to the lift truck, and full=-length fork pockets which provide complete platform stability.

Operator safety is further enhanced by harness anchorage points and in-board handholds points, as well as perforated back mesh which means there is a barrier between the platform user and the hazardous areas of the lift truck.

The risk of slipping is minimised through the anti-slip floor tread with drain holes which avoids water building up on the platform, and kick rails to all sides mean items such as work tools which might be left on the floor of the platform cannot fall out at height.

The platform comes with full safety livery and a technical rating plate, and is painted in a golden yellow finish which aids visibility when it is being used on the lift truck.

For more information, click here – or if you have any questions for the Contact team then do give us a call on 01686 247091 or email

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