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News - 2021

Choosing between Forklift Towable or Pedestrian Push Along Salt Spreaders


Many businesses operating during the recent national lockdowns have gone to great lengths to put steps in place to keep their workforce safe in the face of Covid-19.

However, the recent cold snap reminds us that standard health and safety procedures should not be overlooked and combating the risk of slips on icy surfaces is a perennial issue.

A common and effective treatment is the use of rock salt, but without suitable means of spreading its application can be hit and miss.

Salt spreaders are an essential tool to give consistent and safe coverage of all surfaces used by employees, machinery or vehicles.

Both pedestrian push along and towable options will offer peace of mind to operators looking to ensure pathways, walkways and access ways are appropriately treated. But which one to choose?

Large pneumatic tyres and a flow regulator allow anyone to easily manoeuvre and operate the push along spreader, powered by heavy duty stainless steel gears for added strength.

Its ultimate control over spread pattern and large 50kg hopper capacity mean the push along option is ideal for gritting pathways.

For larger coverage areas, the 190-litre capacity forklift towable salt spreader can be towed behind vehicles with standard ball hitch or towing pins. It’s mechanically driven, which means there’s no electrical or auxiliary valve connection required to the forklift, making it simple yet effective to use for all ice gritting applications.

Fast forward to the summer months and the spreaders can also be used with seed or fertiliser, bringing all-year-round value.

Let us help you to decide which salt spreader is right for you, contact us now for essential advice.

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