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News - 2019

Are you prepared to plough through winter ?


We are currently gearing up for this years busy period where we will see our attachments being used to help our customers operations across the UK run smoothly come rain, ice or snow.

With many of our customers already placing orders for our forklift snow ploughs and salt spreaders, now is the time to ensure you beat the adverse weather conditions that our country could see over the coming months ahead.

We offer a range of forklift snow ploughs that can help, all manufactured from high quality durable rolled steel, ideal for ploughing even the most compact of snow 

Fixed blade snow plough - blade permanently angled to clear snow to the left

Adjustable snow plough - simple adjustment allows the blade to be angled to the left, right or straight ahead 

Sprung loaded snow plough - fully adjustable blade, but also encompassing shock absorbing springs which adjusts to hidden objects such as raised manhole covers

With our forklift snow ploughs ideal for use in heavy-duty locations such as warehouse yards and car parks, we also offer a range of pedestrian push along snow ploughs, ideal for smaller scale environments such as walkways, pavements and access ways.

With heavy snow fall and ice creating an obstacle for many businesses, being ill prepared should be on the bottom of every companies agenda. By ensuring you have a forklift snow plough or salt spreader on standby ready to remove the risk factors that the unpredictable winter weather can bring, means you can eliminate the worry and financial pressure of your business not being able to function to full capacity throughout the winter.

To discuss your winter requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team, who will be more than happy to assist and guide you through the various winter products available

 Forklift Towable Salt Spreader GritterSnow Plough Attachment

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