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Are You Prepared For Winter Conditions ?


With further snowfall and ice expected over the coming months, we are delighted to provide cost-effective contingencies with our forklift solutions to ensure your workplaces remain operational

With a vast range of forklift attachments designed to allow you to temporarily or permanently convert your forklift into a material handling solution, our winter range is ideal for clearing away snow and keeping your workplaces open during the harsh weather conditions.

With three different styles of forklift snow ploughs available, including our standard Fixed blade model, designed to clear snow to the left, our Adjustable blade model, which can clear snow to the left, right or plough straight ahead and our Sprung Loaded blade model, fully adjustable and also supplied with heavy duty springs that minimises damage to the plough and other objects such as manhole covers, you can be assured we have a small plough that will meet your requirements.

 In addition, we also supply a 190litre capacity Towable Salt Spreader which not only is perfect for salt and grit spreading during the winter months, but can also be used during the summer months as a fertiliser and seed spreader. The towable salt spreader is also compatible with a variety of vehicles including forklifts, ATVs and 4x4s.

Supplied with a galvanised actuator offering the ultimate protection against corrosion and rust, the towable salt spreader is also fitted with a flow regulator to help control the amount of spread used.

 Our Walk Behind Spreader is another best-seller from our winter range and is suitable for anyone responsible for health and safety in the workplace. Easy to use, with a low-cost and high value, our Walk Behind Spreader comes supplied with pneumatic tyres, rain cover and adjustable feed system as standard

We would encourage anyone who is dependent on maintaining an operational site during the winter months to consider putting management plans in place and prevent the weather disrupting daily routines. For further information on our winter range, please feel free to browse our website our please get in touch on 01686 611200, where our experienced team would be happy to assist


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