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7 Low Cost Forklift Attachments to Use On Your Tractor


Are you looking for a quick and easy way to move loads around your farmyard without the need for both a tractor and separate forklift? Here, we break down the top seven low-cost attachments which can be used directly on your tractor. 

Why Use a Forklift Attachment On Your Tractor?

A tractor is an essential piece of farming machinery and can assist with many an arduous task, but it isn’t a forklift. Often when a tractor is used to carry out something that usually requires a forklift, loads can be easily damaged, and pose a higher risk to health and safety. But equally, buying a separate forklift truck can be costly – especially when you only need it for certain scenarios. However, there is a middle ground in the form of forklift attachments. They can be quickly secured to a tractor, enabling tasks to be performed safely in a forklift manner, and returned back to its original state with ease.  

Attachment 1: Fork Pallet Tine Extensions 

An invaluable piece of material handling equipment for any farmyard, the fork pallet tine extensions can quickly extend your tractor tines. When simply slipped on over your existing tines, they offer a fast and convenient temporary solution for when that longer reach or increased load stability is needed.

Attachment 2: Lifting Hook Attachment

Simple yet effective, this forklift lifting hook attachment can help you lift and move loads around the farm with ease. It can be positioned anywhere along the length of the tines of your tractor, allowing your load to sit underneath. It’s an agricultural attachment that is not only lightweight and easy to use, but also offers a low cost solution to your handling needs.

Attachment 3: Big Bag Handler

Big bags, especially the tonne variety, can be heavy and cumbersome to move. It can be made a whole lot easier, not to mention safer, with a big bag handler. This cost effective solution means there is no longer a need to dangerously dangle big bags from the tines of your tractor.

Attachment 4: Barrel Grab Lifter

45 gallons (210 litre) drums are commonplace in many farmyards, and moving them can be strenuous work. The forklift barrel grab lifter is designed to take the strain out of manually handling these drums, as they can be fitted to the tines of your tractor. Then, the drums can be lifted via the jaw arms of the drum grab, making it the perfect low cost drum handling option.

Attachment 5: Tipping Bin Hopper

Tipping bin hoppers are a versatile piece of material handling equipment that can be used for a multitude of tasks. From collecting farmyard debris to depositing animal feed, these make light work of it all by fitting effortlessly to the tines of your tractor and tipping via a simple release handle mechanism.

Attachment 6: Safety Access Platform

Should you need to carry out repairs or other work at height, the safety access platform will allow you to do so in a risk-free manner. With secure fitment to the tractor tines, one or two people can be lifted safely into the air to carry out those hard to reach jobs.

Attachment 7: Push Broom Sweeper

Slurry, grain, mud… Whatever the debris, a push broom sweeper fitted to the tines of your tractor will allow your space to be kept clean and tidy without the need for heavy manual labour. Designed specifically for outdoor farmyard sweeping, this attachment comes with replaceable polypropylene bristles and a heavy duty steel shroud.


Whatever your agricultural needs, our comprehensive range of forklift tractor attachments have been designed to fit effortlessly alongside your existing farming machinery to enable you to carry out tasks safely and efficiently.  

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