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5 of the Best Forklift Attachments for Winter Work


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean work has to come to a stop. With the right accessories, forklifts can keep your site operational even in snowy, wet, and icy conditions. Here’s a guide to the best attachments for wintry weather. 

Forklift Snow Plough Attachments

forklift snow ploughDesigned to transform your forklift into an effective snow clearing machine, a forklift snow plough is a vital piece of equipment to have in your arsenal of forklift accessories for the winter months. 

From fixed blade snow ploughs that are designed to plough the snow in only one direction (to the left if based in the UK) and forklift snow ploughs that have adjustable blades that can plough the snow to the left, right or straight ahead.

When it comes to forklift attachments for winter work, the trusted forklift snow plough is at the top of many procurement lists. To learn more about choosing the best snow plough for your needs, check out our article "Things To Consider When Buying a Forklift Snow Plough Attachment

Forklift Towable Salt Spreader

forklift salt spreaderIf the forklift snow plough is the king of the snow, then forklift towable salt spreader must be the Queen of the Ice. Designed to be towed behind the forklift, a towable salt spreader can ensure your operations can keep moving during icy conditions.  Available in both electrical and axle-driven set ups, the electrical salt spreader proving more costly but more versatile at handling different grit types, whilst the axle-driven salt gritter is lower in cost and quicker to install on the forklift (although it can be somewhat limited by the type of salt it can handle).

Forklift Push Broom Sweeper

push broom sweeperSuitable all year round, the Push Broom forklift sweeper can also prove its worth when it comes to clearing snow during the winter months. Although it doesn’t move snow like the snow plough, it can brush and heap light snow and clear pathways and access ways quickly and effectively. And when the snow turns to slush, the forklift push brooms sweeper can do it all again.

Comprising of Polypropylene bristles, this versatile forklift sweeping attachment is simply mounted to the forks of the lift truck and comes in a variety of brush widths to suit most requirements.  

Forklift Scoop Attachment

 forklift scoopsWhilst this may not be everybody’s first choice when it comes to clearing snow, if you have a forklift scoop to hand, a scoop attachment can do an effective job at clearing snow away. With these accessories ranging in a variety of designs and bucket sizes, from underslung scoops to long reach scoops, all types of forklift scoops (especially ones of the hydraulic variety) are highly effective. 

Forklift Yard Scraper

yard scraperThere’s not much that a snow plough can do that a forklift yard scraper can’t. Whilst a forklift yard scraper won’t plough snow to the left or to the right like an adjustable forklift snow plough can, it can still clear snow and make suitable pathways and access ways. 

The angled ends of the forklift yard scraper will prevent the snow from spilling out past the sides, making it suitable for heaping snow, and with steel wear-strips fitted, a long service life is guaranteed.

Like the forklift Push Broom Sweeper, the forklift Yard Scraper can be used all year round, making it ideal for clearing yards, warehouses, floors, processing areas. This is what makes it a very versatile and cost-effective piece of equipment for anyone to have in their inventory.


Don’t let the weather stop you this year. So many businesses aren’t equipped to deal with the adverse weather that every winter brings, and as such, risk losing out on valuable business. And, due to the unpredictability of winter in the UK, being unprepared can also result in downtime that lasts from a day to a few weeks at a time.

Making sure you have the equipment and accessories in place now will prepare your business and help you remain operational and undisrupted during the cooler months. For more information, do contact a member of our team today on 0800 028 3332. 

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