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3 Easy Attachments for Handling Big Bags


Attaching a big bag using a forklift is not hard, but it’s not safe or advisable to hang the big bags from the forklift forks. Here are three easy-to-use attachments to help move a large, awkward bag using a forklift

Why Use A Forklift Bag Handler?

It can be a dilemma to know how to handle big bulk bags - which are used across many industry sectors such as construction and agriculture - especially as some of them can weigh up to a tonne!  It’s quite common to see these bags hanging from their loops on a forklift truck’s forks.   With no protection to stop the bag from sliding off the forklift forks, or from the forklift forks cutting through the straps of the bag, there must be a safer option (and there is).

Dedicated forklift big bag handing attachments which are designed to handle big bags like this should be the preferred method of choice. By using a purpose-built piece of equipment such as a forklift bag handler, the risk of careless handling and damage to both people and goods can be mitigated completely. 

Attachment 1: Fork Mounted Big Bag Lifter

Forklift Bag HandlerDesigned to mount onto the existing forks of the forklift, the fork mounted bag handler offers a simple, yet effective, solution to big bag handling. With bar claws situated on each corner of the bag handling attachment, the straps of the bag simply locate into these claws to allow for safe and secure lifting.

The fork mounted nature of this attachment allows users to quickly and effectively change from conventional forklift pallet handling to big bag handling. 

Attachment 2: Carriage Mounted Big Bag Lifter

Carriage mounted forklift bag handlerFor a more specific fitment to the forklift, the carriage mounted big bag lifter is mounted directly to the forklift carriage which provides more lift height than the fork mounted bag handler due to the 70mm diameter tines being positioned at the top of the carriage plate.

Handle stops at the end of the tines prevent big bulk bags from moving forward during transportation, or when loading and unloading. 

Attachment 3: Cruciform Big Bag Lifter

Cruciform forklift bag handlerFor lifting big bags via an overhead hook, this Cruciform big bag handler enables bags with 4 loops to be lifted with ease. The loop retainers situated on each corner of the bag handling attachment help to make bags fit safely and securely. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Forklift Bag Handling

What Is a forklift bag handler?

A forklift bag handler is a dedicated forklift attachment that has been designed for the purpose of lifting 1 tonne big bags (1000mm x 1000mm), therefore avoiding the potentially dangerous practice of lifting big bags via the forklift forks

Is it dangerous to lift big bulk bags with a forklift?

This all depends on how the operation is carried out.  If the loops of the big bag are simply slung over the forks (which is common practice), then yes, this can dangerous.  The bags straps could slide along the forks during transportation which could result in the bag falling off which can hurt someone or something. The sharp edges of the forks can also cause damage to the bag straps over time, causing them to unexpectedly break.

What’s the best way to lift a big bulk bag with a forklift?

The best way to handle a big bag on a forklift is by using a dedicated piece of material handling equipment that has been designed for this very purpose. The fork mounted bag handler, the carriage mounted bag handler, and cruciform bag handler are all perfect examples of these. They can help you get the very most from your existing forklift truck by turning it quickly into a safe and efficient piece of equipment designed to handle big and awkward bags. 

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