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Partner Benefits

All Contact Fork Lift Attachment official re-sellers will benefit from our comprehensive export support package to include:

  • A dedicated team of specialists
  • Customer service
  • Full technical guidance
  • Marketing support
  • Shipping and logistics

We work with our partners to help build your business.

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Dedicated team of specialists

With over four decades manufacturing and design experience in the material handling industry, not to mention over 150 years combined experience in engineering, you can have peace of mind knowing you're in safe hands when proposing material handling solutions to your customers and clients.

With all of our production welders being trained to achieve BSEN standard of welding,  allowing for us to service many of the major players in defence, transport and automation & nuclear industries, you can have confidence in knowing our reputation becomes your reputation, and in doing so, the utmost of quality and workmanship is received by your customers and clients

Customer service

With a friendly, dedicated and efficient team of skilled workers, our customer care is only a phone call away should you need assistance with any matter. From product queries to shipping documentation, you can rest assured we are on hand to help, whenever the need arises

Full technical guidance

Manufactured by us, we know our products better than anyone, which is why whenever you need technical assistance or guidance, we have the knowledge and expertise to help. Our highly trained and skilled technical design team will be happy to answer all your technical queries

Marketing support

We would be delighted to help with any marketing support you may require, from brochures to literature to product displays and showcases, we would be happy to work with you to achieve our mutual goals of promoting the Contact brand of products and services that we can offer

Shipping and logistics

  • Fully experienced in trading internationally and completely proficient with the documentation and packaging required
  • Offa with attested documentation requirements such as Certificates of Origin and Commercial Invoicing
  • Document translation service if required
  • An extensive network of overseas agents in 150 countries, combined with the latest technology and up to date transport methods allows us to offer a comprehensive personal service, that is seamless and cost-effective

We offer:

  • Road freight - Daily and weekly departures to Ireland, European, Eastern European and Baltic states. From dedicated vehicles to express and economy services.
  • Airfreight - Door to the airport or door-to-door services. Offering worldwide coverage by economy consol or direct flights.
  • Sea freight - Door to port or door-to-door services.

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With a growing worldwide customer base, and an established international network of partners, you can be rest assured that no matter where you are, if you have a material handling requirement, then we can help.

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