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From car parks to pathways, if you are looking for an effective way to grit this winter in order to keep your access ways open, then look no further than our below range of forklift towable salt spreaders and pedestrian push along spreaders.

Simply connected to the forklift truck via a tow ball hitch or pin, our forklift towable salt spreader and gritter can quickly and easily turn your forklift into an effective salt gritting machine. With no hydraulic or electrical connection required, our forklift towable salt spreader is simple to operate, simple to maintain and most importantly, simple to connect and use when needed.

For clearing pathways and walkways of ice, we also offer a selection of pedestrian salt spreaders from our range of salt spreading equipment. With 37kg and 50kg capacities to choose from, you can be assured a simple and effective solution to your salt spreading is only a click away.

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