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If you want to lift items that are non-palletised, hard to reach, or need to be stacked individually, our forklift crane jibs and lifting beam attachments are a great solution. The forklift crane jibs are simply fitted to the forklift truck, so they’re an ideal crane arm attachment for quickly converting your forklift into a mobile crane to allow safe lifting & handling of long and awkward loads.

Within our range of forklift crane jibs and crane attachments we cater for various lifting requirements, including fixed & extendible length jibs, raised height, heavy duty jib attachments and more. To assist your search, some of our best sellers are highlighted below, as well as other models also available within our range of crane arm attachments.

In terms of safety, all our forklift jib crane attachments and lifting beams are produced to the highest quality & safety standards. The products are all tested, 'CE' marked and come with Health & Safety test certification when they’re supplied. Discover the right attachment for you from the range below.

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