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Browse our selection of forklift drum handling equipment here. You’re sure to find a suitable and high-quality drum handler attachment for your forklift truck.

We manufacture a variety of a forklift drum handler products, including vertical drum lifters – also known as drum tongs – plus waist and rim grip drum lifters which enable you to safely and easily transport your drums. As part of our drum handling equipment range, we also produce forklift drum rotators that allow drums to be de-canted in a safe and risk-free manner.

Our drum handling equipment also includes single and double drum attachments, so we’re confident you’ll find the right product here.

Whether you need a drum handler for steel, plastic or Mauser drums, all our forklift drum handler products are manufactured to exacting standards in the UK. They’re marked as conforming to EU standards and delivered with the relevant Health and Safety certificate.

See our drum handler and drum handling equipment below.

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