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Forklift Sweeper With Retainers

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Model Ref

Broom Width
No of Rows Bristle Height
MegaMax-600 1525 11 280 94
MegaMax-720 1830 11 280 109
MegaMax-960 2440 11 280 143

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Price: £2,010.00 Exc. VAT
Lead Time: 15 Working Days

The MegaMax forklift sweeper combines the heavy duty specification of our Megasweep, but with an added twist.  Comprising of carefully twisted end brushes, the MegaMax allows bulk volume sweeping without any resultant side spillage. With a patented design, the side retainers of the sweeper cleverly pulls material away from a curb or wall and into the main path of the broom.  This ensures a clean sweep into those awkward corners, without the danger of the hood damaging the wall.

The MagaMax forklift sweeper, with 11 rows of polypropylene (replaceable) bristles, complete with fork sleeve hitch, is designed to tackle any industry head on.

Manufactured with a high-tensile steel shroud and powder coated finish, the MegaMax forklift sweeper tackles bulky debris with ease, and like all our forklift attachments, will come supplied fully tested and certified for compliance with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.

Twisted side brushes allows material to be away from the curb or wall and into the main path of the brush

No moving parts, simple and reliable and virtually maintenance free with minimum downtime

High tensile steel broom head with heavy duty powder coated finish for rugged sweeping

11 rows of interchangeable polypropylene bristles for efficient and long lasting sweeping

Safe and efficient design to help reduce accident risks of personnel in the yard or warehouse

Fork sleeve hitch with heel pin retention  ensures the sweeper is safely secured to the lift truck during operation

'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to meet Health & Safety Regulations

What environment can I use this sweeper in ?

This sweeper is heavy duty so would prove suitable for the most toughest of sweeping environments

Can the bristles be replaced ?

Yes the bristles on the sweeper are interchangeable and replacement bristle kits can be purchased as and when required


How easy is the sweeper attached to the forklift ?

The sweeper is designed to fasten to the forklift forks very easily and quickly. Simply drive the forks into the sleeve hitch, secure the heel pins into position, which will lock the sweeper to the back of your forks, and away you go

How long will the bristles last ?

This is a little difficult to answer as the durability of the brush bristles is governed by several factors, including, how often is the sweeper used, what type of surface the sweeper is used on etc. The polypropylene bristles however are manufactured from a durable material, and with 11 interchangeable rows, there will be plenty of service life in the sweeper before the time will come to replace the bristles.


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