GenieGrips® STIK-IT-PADS - Forklift Fork Protection (Pack of 8)

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Non slip forklift fork protection pads

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Product: GenieGrips® STIK-IT-PADS - Forklift Fork Protection (Pack of 8)


For written quotes, we will get back to you via email/telephone within 2 hours

Introducing GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads - the ultimate solution to protect your products from damage and prevent slipping loads.

These self-adhesive pads are slim yet highly effective in minimizing risks during transportation.

With a patterned anti-slip surface, GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads ensure that your products stay in place even during sudden movements or stops. The thin design allows for easy maneuverability, fitting into the smallest of clearances without any hassle.

Forget about screws, bolts, or tools - GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads are incredibly easy to install with high-performance acrylic adhesive tape. For complete forktyne protection, pair them with GenieGrips® Cushions and ensure your products reach their destination safely every time.


GenieGrips® Stik-It Pad are available in one size and can be trimmed or joined together to accommodate different lengths and widths to fit most fork tines.


Model Ref Standard Size (mm) Pad Thickness (mm) No of Pads Per Pack
GG-STIK 100 x 1150 7 8




A self-adhesive solution to protecting product from damage.

• Patterned anti-slip surface prevents sliding in the event of fast movement or a sudden stop.

Thin enough to allow the forks into the smallest of clearances.

• Extremely easy to fit, with high performance acrylic adhesive tape to secure them to the forks.

A simple solution, with no screws, bolts or tools required.

Designed to be paired with GenieGrips® Cushions to provide full forktyne protection.