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Product: GenieGrips®Caps - Forklift Fork Protective Caps


For written quotes, we will get back to you via email/telephone within 2 hours

GenieGrips®Caps are the perfect solution for protecting your goods from puncture and damage caused by bare metal forklift tines.

Whether you're transporting chemicals, finished products, or food and beverages, our forklift fork protective caps provide a reliable barrier to prevent any potential accidents or losses.

With a wider surface area and made from durable, non-marking compound rubber, our forklift fork caps ensure a secure and safe transportation of goods. No more worrying about scratches, spills, or messes caused by bare metal fork tines.

Installing and replacing our fork caps is a simple process, as no adhesives or permanent fixtures are required. This means your supply chain can continue operations without any interruptions.

By using our forklift protective caps, you not only improve workplace safety by avoiding accidents and injuries, but you also decrease waste and product loss. Our fork caps are specifically designed to minimize tears and punctures, helping you save on unnecessary expenses.

Choose GenieGrips®Caps for reliable protection, improved safety, and reduced product loss. 


Model Ref To Suit Fork Width (mm)
GG-CAPS100 100
GG-CAPS125 125



• Provides the perfect solution when moving products that can be being torn, punctured or damaged by forklift tynes during transit

• Purposely designed to prevent puncturing or tearing of product

• Easy to fit and remove and do not require screws, bolts, or adhesive

• Constructed from a high durable compound rubber that is incredibly strong, non-marking, oil and chemical resistant

Steel frame is bonded to the rubber for maximum adhesion