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Where there is an immediate risk to personnel and you need to safely gain access at height to resolve the issue, then our range of forklift access platforms and safety cages are ideal for this type of non-routine, emergency use.

Designed for use with either one person or two, our forklift access platforms and cages can come supplied with lift up bars, step through rails or automatic locking gates for entry. By using forklift platforms you're providing a safe working deck from which to carry out non-routine tasks such as high-level light bulb changing etc. This can give you peace of mind in knowing that you have a temporary solution catered for when the unforeseen happens.

Choose your perfect forklift safety cage or access platform from the options below, knowing that whatever forklift cage you decide on, it is built to the highest quality, comes fully tested and supplied with all required health and safety certification.

Please choose whether you require a one person or two person platform

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