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ForkAngles Mechanical Gravity

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Lead Time: 3 Working Days

A fundamental problem with counterbalance forklift trucks is that is is very difficult to judge the angle of mast tilt from the drivers position, yet this is vital to their safe operation.

ForkAngles is the perfect solution for ensuring your forklift forks are kept level for safe load handling whilst giving the truck operator the information they need to carry out their job safely.

Simply fitted to the mast of the fork truck in a matter of minutes, with no drilling or truck modification required, the ForkAngle is mounted via structural strength self adhesive pads, in the eye line of the operator, allowing for accurate alignment of the forks with the load, first time and every time.

Relying on the force of gravity, no wiring, batteries or maintenance is required.

Reduced wear and tear on the forklift controls from constant micro adjusting, whilst speeding up productivity, is just one of many benefits fitting ForkAngles to the mast of your forklifts can bring about

By giving a clear and precise indication of the mast angle, ForkAngles can help you save time, increase safety and lower your carbon footprint.




Mounted with structural strength self adhesive pads - no drilling or truck modification required

Relies on the force of gravity - no wiring, batteries or maintenance required

Achieves accuracy of +/-0.1° equivalent to 2mm difference in height along a 1.2m fork

Simple in house calibration

Built to last from top quality materials and components

Allows the operator to set the correct tilt angle of the forks, therefore reducing wear and tear on the controls and hydraulics through constant micro adjusting

Allows accurate handling of pallets whilst reducing pallet damage, packaging damage and associated costs

Allows accurate positioning for forks when entering racking systems whilst reducing potential racking damage

Allows novice drivers to quickly set the fork angle, therefore reducing driver training times









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