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Contact Attachments product stands the test of time

The forklift attachment firm showcased the long-life and durability of its range of forklift attachments, with one particular unit being supplied to a customer almost a decade ago still going strong.

Contact Attachments supplied Norfolk based shellfish processing company, Lynn Shellfish, with its Forklift Tipping Bin eight years ago to help it dispose of sea waste which is collected with the seafood it processes, including whelks, cockles, shrimps and mussels.

Despite being constantly immersed in corrosive water, the Forklift Tipping Bin proven to stand the test of time and as a result, the shellfish specialist has placed an order for an additional bin - its third supplied by Contact Attachments.

Charlie Abbott, General Manager at Lynn Shellfish, explained: "The food we process is quite often covered in mud and other sea debris like seaweed and dirt, so we needed something that would make the disposal of this waste easy and hassle free. We came across Contact Attachments eight years ago and we told them exactly what we required, and they suggested the tipping bin. I explained that we work in a very hostile environment and the skips would be filled-to-overflowing with salt water the entire time.

"The team recommended the 5mm galvanised forklift skip model, which would be protected in the long-term against corrosion and rust. We asked if we could have an overflow pipe fitted to the back of the skip so we could drain the excess water, and they said it wasn't a problem. Customer service was a key factor for us returning to Contact Attachments, and although the tipping skips don't look as nice eight years on, they are still going strong!"

Contact Attachments' Forklift Tipping Bins are used in a diverse range of industries, and are the perfect solution in demanding environments for storing or removing corrosive debris and scrap.

David Manuel, Sales and Technical Director at Contact Attachments, added: "Our heavy duty range of tipping bins are designed the same way as our heavy duty painted bins, but offer additional protection as they are hot-dip galvanized. This means that the steel is coated inside and out with molten zin, and offers long-term protection that can withstand even the most challenging of environments. We're pleased to have supplied Lynn Shellfish with a solution to removing waste and look forward to working with them in the future"

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