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We've Cleared The Way For Transportation Company

Enhancing internal health and safety whilst offering a time saving alternative to manual sweeping has been achieved by a major international transportation company through use of one of our popular forklift push broom sweepers.

Having been contacted by Seacon Group, a transportation company which handles over 1,000,000 tonnes of cargo, we were delighted to provide them with one of our reputable heavy duty forklift sweepers to help them clear away debris more efficiently from Tilbury Docks, Essex.

David Haines, Operations Director, explained: "Having used Contact Attachments before when I needed drum grabs and lifting hooks, I've always been impressed with the quality of their design and fabrication, and the level of service they provide.  On this occasion we were looking for a solution that would help us speed up the operation of sweeping the docks, whilst making the job safer and less labour intensive.  Contact remain to be my favourite supplier of forklift attachments, and the sweeper they supplied is exactly what we needed"

"With an existing broom attachment and ride on sweeper already in use on the docks, this heavy duty sweeper provided by Contact is ideally suited to the docks as we regularly have large bulky debris which needs sweeping into a pile before being swiftly shovelled away."

With eleven rows of replaceable polypropylene bristles and a heavy duty steel body, our heavy duty forklift sweeper is designed to work in the most arduous conditions and environments, from building and construction sites to quarry sites and docks.

Like all our attachments, the heavy duty forklift sweeper has been designed to meet the latest health and safety legislation and comes fully CE certified. With no moving parts, the sweeper offers low maintenance and servicing costs allowing you to keep a clean environment without the worry of mounting costs.


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