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It's always nice to see our attachments in action - here's one of our forklift jibs maling light work of big bag handling

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Twelve years ago when Facebook was lauched (2004) what were the main accidents in the forklift truck industry ? People struck by moving trucks 46% Overturning trucks 11% People struck by a falling load 10% Falls from height 8% rapping/shearing/crushing 6% (Source: Fork Lift Truck Association - Uplift 49 publication)

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Forks for forklifts - We offer all types, FEM Carriage, Bar Mounted Carriage, Square Plate Carriage - Give us a call !

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Forklift Drum Rotator Testimonial just been uploaded to our Facebook page - go take a look :-)

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Mechanical Scissor Grabs

Mechanical Scissor Grabs
We offer a range of high quality mechanical block grabs and brick grabs, designed for handling packs of bricks or blocks, or single and double layers of slabs and kerb stones.

The mechanical scissor grabs can be both attached to a forklift truck or overhead crane for maximum on site flexability.

All our block grabs and brick grabs come 'CE' marked, fully tested and certified and supplied with Certificates of Conformity for Health & Safety Regulations.

Please click on the below links to see more information on the mechanical scissor grabs we offer



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